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Ready to improve your workflow?

Our suite of affordable, scalable medical data systems can help.

Vertex  Route

 Manage  your  automated  workflows  faster  and  easier  with  its  simple  and  intelligent  routing functions.


Save  time,  money,  and  comply  with  HIPAA  regulations.  Customize  your  workflow  utilizing  Route’s  intelligent  configurable  rules sending  to  a  multitude  of destinations.

Robust  routing  capabilities - Define  simple  or  sophisticated  rules  incorporating  DICOM  tags  and/or date/time  schedules

Send studies  to any  destination - Automatically  route  DICOM  studies,  based  on  the  configured  rules, to  any  combination  of  CD,  SHARE, PACS,  Archive/ VNA ,  etc.

Create  custom  rules - SDS , Using  AND,  OR,  and  NOT  Boolean  operators  create  custom  rules  for routing  data  to  its  desired  device  and/or  its  destination.

Encrypt  the  studies - Encrypt  the  data  to  comply  with  DICOM  and  FIPS  1402  requirements.  The required  password  can  be  generated by  three  different  methods,  depending  on  preferred  workflow (preset,  DICOM  tag,  random).

Auto De-Identification - Automatically de-identify  the  DICOM  dataset  being  routed.    Tags  (both standard  and  private)  are  selected  in  the  configuration files  and  can  be  populated  with  default values.

Track  all  activity - Track  all  routing  transactions  in  the  Vertex  Host  database  for  HIPAA  compliance. Custom  reports  can  be  generated  by  institutions for  periodic  reporting.

Workflow  simplifications  - Minimize  operator  responsibility  and  reduce  human  errors  with  predefined routing  rules. 






Vertex Video

Improve patient care by sizing, post-processing, and DICOMizing videos for archiving in PACS and VNA .

Use Vertex Video to create video snippets and single-frame images from DVD DISCs and video files.
Convert it all to DICOM for PACS and VNA storage.
Process Stored DVDs - Empty the DVD cabinets. Size, edit, and convert the content for archiving in PACS and VNA.
Convert and Store Existing Video Files - Use Vertex to edit and convert popular video formats (3GP, ASF , WMV , AVI, MPEG, VOB (DVD)) to DICOM.
Flexible Formatting - Store converted videos in DICOM format, compatible with your PACS/VNA (multi multi-frame and/or MPEG4)
Appropriately Sized Video - To minimize storage requirements Vertex Video software allows you to configure frame rate, transfer syntax, color space conversion, and auto split.
Video Processing Profiles - To minimize error and improve efficiency, multiple profiles are preconfigured for processing videos and various workflows.
Consistent DICOMization - Configure department information, and create pre-defined study and series descriptions, ensuring data integrity when creating new studies.
HIS Friendly - Add procedure codes to pre-defined study descriptions to ensure proper billing and reimbursement
Client Access Control - For security and regulatory purposes, individual users, groups, or workstations can be configured to have access to incoming devices and destinations.

Vertex Share

Fast and simple to implement, Vertex SHARE maximizes your cost savings and avoids cloud storage security risks by storing data on your premises. Add Vertex CD to streamline DICOM CD production within the same application.


Cloud-Brokered Medical Data Sharing  - Vertex SHARE is a cloud-brokered solution utilizing Microsoft Azure for securely combining and sending medical data to patients and providers. Easy to install; no account set up, and no cloud storage – Just email a link and a separate Access Code for the recipient to securely stream the data from your facility.

Cost-Effective - Designed for any sized facility, Vertex SHARE not only offers affordable pricing; you only pay for what is actually streamed by the users.

No Cloud Storage - The shared data package is stored locally, eliminating the security risk and cost associated with cloud storage.

Enterprise Data Sharing - Collate, package, and share DICOM studies, paper, film, office documents, visible light images, videos, and other digital content.

Flexible Workflow - Use Vertex’s automated processing or its drag-and-drop user interface to share with patients and providers.

IT Friendly - Vertex SHARE utilizes outbound connections only. It maintains a complete, searchable activity history. Know when, what, and with whom it was shared; and just as important, when and if it was downloaded. The affordable, simple and secure image sharing solutions.

Simple to SHARE - Once processed, a secure email notification with a link to download, and a password, is immediately delivered to selected recipients.

Easy to Receive - SHARE portal website provides OS-specific, easy-to-follow instructions for patients and facilities. Selected recipients each receive a secure email and access code simultaneously. No recipient account set-up is needed.

Data Streamed on Demand - Medical data is retained locally and streamed, on-demand. Streaming minimizes upload bandwidth, eliminates cloud storage costs, and significantly reduces security risks.

Total Security - Data in transit is always encrypted. Network transport utilizes TLS v1.2. Static data encrypted with AES-CBC 256bit.

Contactless Image Sharing - Stream data and avoid non-essential patient visits. Eliminate passing around a physical medium potentially increasing contamination risk.

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