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Medilink Pty Ltd through its suppliers is able to provide the most comprehensive range of medical imaging consumables as used in many physiological monitoring, recording and imaging applications. Studies in the USA have shown that the demand for medical imaging products will grow 6% annually through 2010 based on technological advances, aging demographics and changing health care approaches.

Here at Medilink we predict a similar trend in Australia. We offer medical consumables at competitive prices. We have special deals for volume buying and we would be happy to offer you a quote on any product that you wish to purchase. Simply send us an email (or fax) quoting the product codes you use. We have an extensive range of consumables from leading competitors such as Sony, Rimage, Verbatim, Kowa, Primera Bravo and many more.

Please feel free to click onto the link below for a comprehensive catalogue which you can download. Should you require any information or clarification please don’t hesitate to contact us. 


Thermal Printers

Sony Printer 3.jpg
Sony Printer 3.jpg

Codonics Printer

The NP-1660 Photographic Network Printer is an intelligent, dye diffusion/direct thermal dual mode, color and grayscale output device which provides both 10Mb/s Ethernet and Centronics compatible parallel interfaces. 

The printer accepts many industry standard file formats and includes built-in image processing and spooling capabilities. 

Technology: Dye diffusion and direct thermal. 
Resolution: 300 dpi (11.8 pixels/mm). 
Color Output: 16.7 million colors 256 levels each of cyan, magenta, and yellow (optional laminate overcoat). 
Grayscale Output: 256 levels, dye diffusion and direct thermal media support. 
Density Range: Media dependent, see media carton for specifications. 
Interfaces: Ethernet: AUI 15-pin connector. 
Parallel: Centronics type 36-pin connector. 
Network Protocols:
Standard: FTP, LPR, Telnet (TCP/IP), Apple EtherTalk. 
Image Formats: 
Standard: TIFF, GIF, PCX, BMP, PBM, PGM, PPM, XWD, JPEG, Sun Raster, SGI RGB, Targa. 
Optional: PostScript, Catia. Image Scaling: Box, Bilinear, Bicubic, Mitchell, and Lanczos, software selectable. 
Image Rotation: 90 degrees, software selectable. 
Image Correction: Gamma, contrast, antialiasing (PostScript), TCR, Monitor Color Matching, selectable from front panel or via software. 
Image Formatting: Variable Multiformatting (VMF), Fixed Multiformatting (FMF), 35mm SlideMaker, Captions, and Bracketing 
Front Panel: 16-character LCD, Power, and Fault indicators, Online and Cancel buttons. Memory: 96MB (16MB RAM, 80MB virtual). Disk: 1.2 GB (950MB available for spooling). Floppy Drive: Built-in for software upgrades. 
Cassettes: One adjustable cassette included with printer. 100 sheet capacity, paper or transparency. Single sheet bypass feed. 
Media Sizes: 7 sizes; from 8 x 10 in. to 8.5 x 14 in. 
Power: Autosensing, 90-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 250 Watts. 
Weight: 60 lbs. 
Dimensions: 12” H, 17” W, 21” L.

CDs and DVDs Medical Quality

Latex Covers

- 610-042 Sterile 4x30 cm latex cover QTY 24 
- 610-043 Sterile 5x30 cm latex cover QTY 24 
- 610-044 Sterile 8x45 cm latex cover QTY 24 
- 610-046 Sterile 10x45 cm latex cover QTY 24

Latex- Free Polyethylene Covers

610-013 Sterile 5 x61cm polyethylene cover QTY 24 
610-015 Sterile 10.2x 61cm polyethylene cover QTY 24 
610-208 Sterile 15.3x 83.8cm polyethylene cover QTY 24 
610-020 Sterile 17.8x 61cm polyethylene cover QTY 24 
610-022 Sterile 22.9x 61cm polyethylene cover QTY 24 

Latex-Free Bulk Packaged CIV- Flex Covers

Non-sterile 14 x 30cm CIV Flex cover. 

Latex-Free Flat –Folded CIV-Flex Covers

- Sterile 6 x91.5cm CIV-Flex Cover QTY 24 
- 610-001 Sterile 8.9x 61cm CIV-Flex Cover QTY 24 
- 610-002 Sterile 14 x 61cm CIV-Flex Cover (3D) QTY 24 
- 610-004 Sterile 17.8x61cm CIV-Flex Cover QTY 24 
- 610-005 Sterile 22.90x61cm CIV-Flex Cover QTY 24

Latex-Free Telescopically- Folded CIV-Flex Covers

- Sterile 8.9 x 91.5 cm CIV-Flex Cover 
- 24 610-542 Sterile 14 x 91.5 cm CIV-Flex Cover (3D) 
- 24 610-575 Sterile 14 x 147 cm CIV-Flex Cover 24 

Parker Aquasonic Gel

Parker Aquasonic Gel 2

PHYSIOGEL Ultrasound Gel 5L & 250ml

Australian made hypoallergenic Ultrasound gel. Water soluble blue gel may be wiped off with towel or tissue. Spreads easily and evenly and is a first class coupling agent for use with any ultrasound transmission. 

- PHYSIOGEL250 Gel in 250ml Bottle
- PHYSIOGEL 5L Gel in 5L Container
- PHYSIOGEL PUMP Pump made for 5L Container

Printable inkjet CDS

94904 Verbatim CD-R 700MB 50 Pk 50 White Inkjet Printable 52x

Printable Thermal CD’s

- 94938 Verbatim CD-R700MB 50Pk Crystal 50 Thermal 52X Silver Printable. 
- 94949 Verbatim CD-R 700MB 50Pk White 50 Thermal 52X White Printable.

Printable Thermal DVD’s

Verbatim DVD-R 4.7GB 50Pk White Wide QTY 50 
Thermal 8 x Thermal Printable 16x speed DVD Recordable discs. 

Rimage Media kits

Sony Printing Paper

- Sony UPP-110S Standard Density Paper 20m 1 Suits Sony UP850/870/890/895 printers UPP-110HD 

- Sony UPP-110HD 20m High Density Paper 20m 1 Suits Sony UP860/875/890/895 printers UPP-110HG 

- Sony UPP-11HG 20m High Gloss Paper 18m 1 Suits Sony UP860/875/890/895 printers

UPP-210HD Sony B&W High Density Paper

UPP-210HD Sony B&W High Density Paper 1
Suits UP-910/930/960/890 Printers 20m 

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