Advanced Neurostimulation 

The Magstim range of magnetic stimulation systems provide a variety of high quality solutions for researchers and clinicians working within Neurology, Neuroscience, Psychiatry and Rehabilitation. Magstim has substantial expertise in magnetic stimulation, and is a leader in the field, offering a wide range of magnetic stimulators and stimulating coils to suit a variety of clinical and research applications. 

Non-invasive Neuromodulation 

Magnetic stimulation is a non-invasive and painless method of stimulating human tissue using strong, time varying magnetic fields to induce small currents in nerve tissue. These are able to stimulate the human cortex, spinal roots and peripheral nerves. 
Depending on the application a variety of output waveforms may be used to excite or inhibit nerve response. These pulses can be either monophasic or biphasic, or a combination of the two.


Alpha Branding Coil Range (Coated)

The Alpha Branding Iron Coil Range is available in a variety of coil sizes, providing researchers with the flexibility of numerous applications, including bilateral stimulation of the brain. An ergonomic design provides greater user comfort and easier access to cortical sites during application.

Designed to deliver:

•Flexibility through multiple coil sizes

•Bilateral stimulation

•Accessibility to cortical areas difficult to reach

•Focused stimulation


Alpha Flat Coil Range (Coated)

The Alpha Flat Coil Range are flat wound coils, available in a selection of coil sizes, that allow researchers to deliver focused stimulation, directly beneath the coil centre. The special coated finish across the range eliminates the need for casing, providing closer proximity to brain regions during stimulation.


Designed to deliver:

•Focused stimulation

•Closer proximity to brain regions

•Flexibility through multiple coil sizes

Magstim 200²

This system is highly flexible; it is compatible with the full range of coils and can be interfaced with all types of EMG systems. 

The 200² is a single pulse, monophasic stimulator used for cortical and peripheral stimulation. It is widely used in neurology departments across the world to evoke motor responses from patients undergoing a clinical neurological examination. 

The system is highly flexible; it is compatible with our range of coils and can be interfaced with all types of EMG systems. 

Neurological research 
Cortical mapping and brain research 
Functional assessment of central motor pathways 
Early diagnosis, assessment & monitoring of nervous diseases

Magstim BiStim²

The Magstim BiStim² is an extension of the Magstim 200². Two of the single pulse systems are combined through a connecting module, so that paired pulses can be delivered through one coil. 

It combines the features of 1st generation stimulators: BiStim (independently defined, paired pulses - to evoke an inhibited or facilitated response) and the Magstim 250 (high energy, simultaneous pulses - for patients with a high motor threshold) 

- as Magstim 200², plus: 
- Inter-cortical inhibition 
- Intra-cortical facilitation 
- Respiratory medicine 
- Brain connectivity

Magstim Rapid 2

The Magstim Rapid² is a single pulse and repetitive stimulator with high frequency capabilities. It is ideal for therapeutic applications as well as a wide variety of research fields. 

There are two established versions of the system: Standard Rapid² (single PSU) and Super Rapid² (dual PSU), both are available as 230V or 110V. 

The newest addition to the range is the Super Rapid² Plus1 (triple PSU), which is intended for applications such as theta burst where a higher power/frequency relationship is required. 


- Cognitive neuroscience 
- Psychiatry 
- Neurophysiology 
- Rehabilitation



Delivering versatility, performance and reliability. ​


HORIZON® is a versatile, user friendly system designed to help clinicians treat more patients safely and effectively as well as run a successful TMS practice. 



• The Horizon® AFC and stimulator deliver standard protocol (max 60 Hz) and high energy theta burst protocols (50Hz) to allow clinicians to treat more patients in a day.


• The high-performance Horizon® Air Cooled Coil delivers high intensity protocol, event at 30o C/86o F ambient temperature, and cools down* within minutes thus increasing the patient throughput. (*min 3 minutes for 10Hz protocols depending upon the ambient temperature) 


• The improved efficiency of the Horizon® Air Cooled Coil (111% of the AFC) delivers equivalent stimulation with less coil heating. The improved stimulating efficiency allow to treat patients with outlying motor thresholds.