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Gowerlabs is a rapidly growing optical neuroimaging technology company that has been successfully developing, manufacturing and selling functional near-infrared spectroscopy technologies in a range of markets and territories since our incorporation in 2013.

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The Gowerlabs LUMO ecosystem is a wearable, scalable and high-density functional near-infrared (fNIRS) brain imaging technology that combines unprecedented functional imaging capability with outstanding experimental flexibility.


At the heart of the LUMO ecosystem is the tile: a hexagonal sensor module that houses three sources and four detectors of near-infrared light. By enabling measurements both within and across tiles, up to 48 fNIRS channels can be obtained using just two LUMO tiles.

By connecting multiple tiles into our specially designed headgear, users can instantly create high-density fNIRS arrays that enable 3D functional brain imaging at a resolution comparable to that of fMRI, and all in a wearable, easy-to-use and subject-friendly package.

Learn more about the LUMO

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NTS fNIRS System

The Gowerlabs NTS is a high-specification, multi-channel functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) device that has been developed in collaboration with the Biomedical Optics Research Laboratory of University College London, where fNIRS has been pioneered for over 25 years.

The NTS system can be configured with up to 16 dual-wavelength near-infrared sources and up to 16 detectors. The system is extremely versatile,

and can easily be applied to adults, children or infants in almost any configuration, providing anywhere from 1 to 256 fNIRS channels.

Learn more about the NTS fNIRS System

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