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NDSi have extensive expertise in healthcare displays and a product line that includes medical-grade displays for imaging and patient care, as well as workstations, software tool kits and analog display controllers. And if you’d like the dependability and convenience of purchasing all your displays from one reliable provider, we offer a wide variety of desktop monitors, TVs and large displays for use in healthcare environments. 

NDS Surgical Imaging revolutionised the medical imaging industry with its development of the industry’s first Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technologies for Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) viewing applications in 1996. The company continues that tradition of innovation with technological and engineering advances serving the rapidly developing surgical and PACS markets. Those markets encompass a range of specific areas where NDSsi’s products are used, including endoscopy, image guided surgery, interventional medicine, infection control, and patient and bedside monitoring. NDSsi is the global leader in designing and manufacturing comprehensive medical imaging and informatics solutions for today’s operative and interventional suites. 


Dome Dashboard

Made for Medical Imaging.
Control Made Simple.


Dome Dashboard™ is a console application from a leading provider of Medical Visualization Technologies, designed to manage and monitor the performance of Dome displays* in the healthcare environment – from the radiology reading room to the nurses’ station. Specifically designed for the PACS environment, Dome Dashboard increases productivity, reduces downtime and ensures consistent image quality by providing alerts if a display is down, its calibration is off or the white level has dropped out of tolerance. In addition, Dome Dashboard’s straightforward interface and accessibility provide a reliable solution for employees throughout the hospital.

*Models include the Dome EX Displays and Dome EX Color Displays.

E3 Grayscale Display

Open Architecture Support. DICOM Calibrated. 

The Dome E3 display is a high-resolution display that exhibits superior image fidelity, exceptional brightness and excellent viewing angles. Complete with Dome CXtra software for your QA needs, the Dome E3 is an ideal choice for confident diagnostic viewing. 

The Dome E3 grayscale display is intended for diagnostic imaging for CT, MR, CR, DR, and nuclear and can be used in both portrait and landscape modes. The Dome E3 display supports an open architecture design which allows users to gain access to state-of-the-art graphics standards, providing the capability of high-speed 3D and volumetric rendering for navigation and visualization functionality. Dome CXtra Software provides full DICOM conformance testing capabilities, reporting, and remote management, making this an ideal display for your PACS system.

E5 Grayscale Display

High Resolution. DICOM Calibrated. 

The Dome E5 is designed for the display of high-resolution grayscale images such as mammography. The DICOM out of the box Dome E5 has a high contrast ratio, incredible viewing angle and high brightness, providing users with the imaging confidence they need.

The Dome E5 grayscale display is intended for the most demanding diagnostic applications, including mammography and radiology, in both portrait and landscape modes. The Dome E5 display provides seamless image manipulation and smooth window leveling, and supports open architecture graphics standards for three-dimensional and volumetric rendering applications. With full DICOM conformance, automatic calibration, and remote monitoring and maintenance, the Dome E5 is ideal for the most demanding PACS.

GX2MP Color Display

Superb Visual Quality. DICOM Calibration. 

For a high-quality color display that is intended for imaging in a clinical environment, NDS Surgical Imaging offers the Dome GX2MP. With a 1200 x 1600 resolution and Dome CXtra software support the Dome GX2MP is a cost-effective DICOM calibration solution for 2 megapixel displays in the hospital. 

The Dome GX2MP is a high-quality color display intended for use in a clinical environment. The Dome GX2MP offers a 1200 x 1600 resolution, superior visual quality, and superb performance at an incredibly fast 16ms response time, and comes DICOM calibrated with Dome CXtra software. With Dome CXtra, Dome GX2MP users also receive DICOM calibration with an external photometer, test patterns, reporting, backlight saver and enterprise management functions. In addition the Dome GX2MP comes complete with graphics hardware and the necessary cables, everything the end user will need for an easy installation.

GX4MP Color Display

Color and Grayscale Viewing. 

DICOM Calibration.

The Dome GX4MP is a 30-inch widescreen PACS display offering multi-modality viewing in both color and grayscale. The GX4MP is ideal for reading PET-CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound and Pathology, as well as CR and DR.

Widescreen 4MP color medical display
CXtra™-controlled DICOM for life
Flexible, lightweight, low-power design
Quality image viewing without reflective glass

S10 Grayscale Radiology Display

Premium 10MP Grayscale Diagnostic Display. 

TThe Dome S10 display enables the next great advancement for mammography with the brightness and speed for tomosynthesis. The S10 grayscale display is capable of showing two 5MP images for back-to-back chest wall reads.

Widescreen 10MP grayscale PACS monitor
Ideal for mammography & tomosynthesis
Sleek, lightweight, low-power design
Quality image viewing without compromise

S3c Color Display with LED Backlight

Flexible Architecture. DICOM Calibrated. 

Premium 3MP Diagnostic Color Display.
The Dome S3c LED display is the all-in-one diagnostic display deployable throughout the hospital enterprise.

High-bright 3MP color display
LED backlight
Suitable for grayscale and color images
RightCheck front senor for remote conformance testing
Quality image viewing without compromise 

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